Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey Everyone!

Bryson and I were married last year on April 12 so it's been a little over a year! I'm very lucky because Bryson is amazing and spoils me! A lot has happened since we were married. We're having a little boy on June 9th, 2008. We're going to name him Kaleb Chase Davis! We're so excited!

I'm just finishing up school in health education. This is my last semester of classes and then I will be doing my student teaching at American Fork High School in the fall. I can't wait to be done.

Bryson is going to school working on his generals. He thinks he wants to go into psychology but also might go to electrician school and then work for his parents company.

Right now we're living in Logan but only for one more week! We will be moving to Saratoga Springs next Saturday and we're really excited to be closer to our families especially with our little guy coming!