Wednesday, November 16, 2011

24th of July camping trip

Yes I know I am 5 months late but better late than never right? On the 24th of July we went up to Bryson's cabin and stayed for a night then went across the canyon the next night to meet my family and camp for a night. It was Jaxon's first camping trip and he did quite well. I didn't get any pics from the cabin but I did of camping. Enjoy :)

Denver Trip :)

I am way behind on blogging and as posted in several of the other catch up posts- this is my only journal and I don't want to forget this stuff. So back when Bryson was working in Denver I decided to fly out and see him. I was way nervous to leave Jaxon and Kaleb but didn't think I could manage carseats, strollers, luggage, and two little boys in an airport all by myself. It was so nice to see him. I got in on a Friday morning (he had to still work 10 hours on Friday and Saturday) and there was a few outlets right across the street (Marshalls, Old Navy and Nordstroms Rack=jackpot) where I spent several hours and a lot of money :) When Bryson got off we went out to dinner at a local pub he'd been wanting to take me to. On Saturday- I did a lot of nothing and little outlet shopping. Bryson thought it was so weird that I just laid around in the motel most of the day but it was so nice to just relax and do nothing! On Saturday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (or something to that effect) which was a sports bar and a movie. We also walked around the mall and did some sight seeing. On Sunday we went to the BEST breakfast place I have ever ate it. It's called Snooze and it is simply amazing. I had Cookie dough pancakes and Lemon Bar pancakes. It was a little peace of Heaven. We then went and saw downtown, the Temple (it was so nice to see where he had been working) and the Broncos stadium. It was pretty cool because there was a Broncos game so we got to see all the tailgate party's/drunks/etc. It was a great trip and although I was sad to leave- I was SOOO excited to get home to my babies :)
Here are the only pictures I took:

Broncos Stadium

Me and Brys at the Temple

Bryson being a total dork. We were super lost at the time of this picture

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

We finally got family pictures in August. It only took us 7 months to get a picture with all four of us :) My amazing cousin Jami did them ( I love them. Jaxon was having the grumpiest day of his life and Kaleb wasn't too happy about the heat so the smiles were sparse but she still managed to get some good shots

Friday, September 9, 2011

3 weeks down=3 weeks to go

We have somehow now made it without Brys for 3 weeks! Well besides a short 48 hour visit last weekend when he got to fly in which was jam packed with adventures! Back in August while I was at girls camp I had called him to check on the boys. I had really crappy reception so I didn't really understand him and thought he had said he had to work on a rewire at the Denver temple for 2 weeks. I was nervous for him to be gone for 2 weeks but thought it was bearable. I got home really late from girls camp and Brys was already asleep. The next morning I was talking to mom and she asked how I was going to survive 6 weeks without Bryson then possible another 4 weeks of him being at the CA temple. Crap. SIX weeks is a lot less bearable than TWO. However we have done quite well. It's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be besides missing him like crazy! It helps that he came home after 2 weeks then next weekend I'm going to take a mini vaca and fly out to see him for the weekend. Then he'll be home a week or two after that. I can't wait to go out there as he has worked quite hard at finding really good shopping outlets and malls for me to spend my days at as he works six tens and can't take any time off. He still hasn't heard anything about going to the Oakland temple after so we're thinking/hoping he doesn't have to go. If he does end up having to go, hopefully he'll atleast get to come home for a few weeks in between!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I cannot believe I forgot to blog about Kalebs swimming lessons. I hate when I have to do like 10 posts in a day but I definately don't want to forget this one as it was the highlight of his entire summer. Kaleb is a fish. He loves the water. He is not afraid of the water in any way. I signed him up with his cousin Madi who is just a year older than him. He was the youngest in the class but did great. He asks atleast once a week if he can go back to swimming lessons. I am going to try and get him signed up for some night swimming lessons in the fall if I can find them anywhere :) He is pretty good for a 3 year old though. By the end, he could float on his back for up to 5 seconds without anyone holding on to him, hold his breath under water for atleast 5 seconds, and dive (with a little push from teacher) to the bottom of a 4 ft pool and find the ring, push himself off from the bottom of the pool and come up with the ring. Yes I am very proud of my baby. here are some pictures. If I can figure out how to add a video onto blogger I'll post the video of him diving for rings. Enjoy :)

**6 months**

Time is going way to fast with this little guy! I cannot believe six months has already flown by. I remember with Kaleb, I kept wanting him to get older so he could do more things. But now that I realize everything will come with time and fly by I want to just freeze time and enjoy both of my boys at the stage they are at now. Jaxon is a very content easy baby. He is very low maintenance which I am very thankful about. He sleeps like 10-12 straight hours a night then wakes up nurses, eats his cereal, plays for about a half hour then he's back to sleep for about another 2 hours. He then wakes up for lunch and another hour or so of playtime then guess what?? More sleep :) after his afternoon nap he's usually awake until bedtime which is around 9ish. We really lucked out with him as he's never really had a "fussy period" He started rolling from his tummy to back around 4 months then his back to his tummy around 5. He rolls and scoots where ever he wants to go. He is always rolling under tables and such! He loves when Kaleb plays with him or anyone talks to him. He started eating solid foods about a week before I went to girls camp (right before he was 6 months) and has loved it. He is a good little eater. Here are his six month stats:

Height: 26.5"=44th percentile

Weight: 16# 14 oz=30th percentile (yes he is huge I have no clue how he is in that low of a percentage :)

Head Circ: 42.5cm=12th percentile (yes, once again, I know his head is HUGE. I have no clue how he is that low in percentage!

Cute little moments that make me smile :)

The other day Bryson and I were driving with the boys and Kaleb was having the most in depth conversation with us. I definately want to remember it (Bryson was ragging me since I don't keep a journal that I was going to forget) so I decided to write it on here!

We drove by the church and Kaleb said, "Mom, is that where Heavenly Father lives or does he live at the temple?" (I have no clue how he knew that he would live at the temple) We explained to him the difference between church and temples and he followed up with, "Mom, I know we play with the toys and color pictures at the church (nursery) but what do we do at the temple. We didn't want to get into deep conversation about ordinances for the dead as that very well may freak him out so we said that's where mommys and daddys get sealed for eternity when they are big kids. He then followed up with "Mommy, when I'm a big kid, can I marry you in the temple for 'ternity cause I love you to infinity and beyond" I sure do love that boy and am so lucky to have him :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aren't I lucky?

I'm so lucky to have these two cute boys!

Kaleb turns 3!

I absolutely cannot believe my baby boy is 3 years old already. He is such an awesome little boy. We are so lucky to have him. When Jax was first born, he wasn't too interested and didn't pay much attention but now that Jaxon is more alert and reacts Kaleb is in love and such an AMAZING big brother. He is constantly watching Jaxon especially if there is other kids around. A few weeks ago, he had his cousin over and we were all playing on the floor with Jaxon. She accidently kicked Jaxon in the face and Jaxon started to cry the saddest little cry ever. It absolutely broke Kaleb's heart. He started crying as well and had the biggest crocodile tears. He just kept asking if his brohter was going to be alright. He is so sweet. He is great at counting and wants to do it constantly. We get to five perfectly (and he always wants to count actual objects as he/s going) and then he tends to skip some numbers. He loves to sing his ABC's as well and it's probably the cutest thing ever. He is so practical for a 3 year old and you can seriously have a logical conversation with him:)

We weren't going to do a party but then of course I caved and decided to let him have one. It was kind of last minute so it was nothing fantastic. He of course wanted to do Batman themed as he's obsessed and wears his Batman costume on a daily basis. He had 18 kids over and loved every minute of it. We played a few games and let them run around outside. The night of his birthday Bryson took us all out for pizza and then to the Carnival where we spent pretty much the next 3 days! It was a blast and Kaleb loved it. We are so lucky to have him in our lives.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poor Little Baby

My poor little guy got a cold that wouldn't go away so we took him into the Dr's last Monday. They said it was a sinus infection and they gave him Amoxicillin. On Sunday night he started getting a few little dots on his leg which I of course freaked out about. Brys said it was no big deal but graciously agreed to sleep on the floor next to the bed so Jax could sleep with me and I could observe him. Well as you can see in the pictures above, the rash got extremely worse quite rapidly. The picture on the right is Jax on Monday Morning then the picture on left is from just a few minutes ago. We took him to the doctor on Monday morning and our poor little Jax is allergic to Amoxicillin (or anything else with penicillin in it) and he is having an allergic reaction :(. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort and it's already starting to go away on his legs. It just started on his tummy so I guess we've probably got atleast 3 days left of rash :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jaxons Blessing

We blessed little Jax on May 1st 2011. His daddy gave him a wonderful blessing and we had lots of family there to support Jax on his special day. We are so greatful to have so much family close by and active to stand in. We then had a luncheon following. We had so much food and it was all delicious! Enjoy a few pictures.

Happy Easter

This year Easter was jam packed as usual. We started out at the Eagle Mt. Easter Egg Hunt in which, like every other year, it was jam packed and Kaleb got like 1 egg. Kaleb didn't really love it so I don't think we'll go back. We then went straight to my moms as the Easter Bunny dropped off Kalebs Easter present a few days early and we having quite the hard time hiding a large swing set from him! We ate and had another Easter Egg hunt at my moms.

Easter Morning, as soon as Kaleb saw his swing set he was in Heaven! He wouldn't come inside the rest of the day. I had to take a shower so I made Kaleb come inside for a few minutes. Bryson was sleeping so I went and woke him up to tell him to watch Kaleb. When I got up I noticed Brys had fallen back a sleep. Sure enough, I look outside and Kaleb is out there COMPLETELY nakie with only shoes on. Good thing we have a fenced backyard I guess so none of neighbors had to see it!

We then headed up to my in-laws for church and dinner. Kaleb got more treats and had a blast playing with his Unlce Jordan (they fight like they are brothers- Jordan is 23 and Kaleb is 2. They are quite the pair) and cousins.

2 Months

Now that Jax is 3 month I figure it's time to post Jax at 2 months! He had his checkup and to no surprise he is still growing rapidly and healthy!

At two months- he was starting to get into more of a routine with sleeping. He would sleep about 5 or 6 hours without having to eat. He is really good in the sense that he wakes up, eats for around 10 minutes, then goes right back to bed for about 3 hours without a fuss.

Here are his stats and some cute pics of him at 2 months!

Height: 23.5 inches long=61st percentile

Weight: 13 pounds 14 ounces= 95th percentileHead Circ: 39.1 cm=22nd percentile. (who would have thought I'd have a kid with a small head- his cheeks make it look like his head is quite large!)

I had to get a naked one so you could see his chubby little belly!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We finally made it to the Aquarium!

I've wanted to take Kaleb to the aquarium forever but just never got around to it. The other day my friend posted on her blog a killer deal for an annual pass so of course I just had to buy it for Kaleb and I. Bryson was in school that week so he was done every day by 12ish so we decided to go when he could come as well. Kaleb wanted his cousin Zoe to go as well so we took one more! Kaleb loved it and was running from one thing to another! Jaxon pretty much slept the entire time which was quite nice.

After the aquarium, we headed back to our house for a sleepover. The kids were so tired but still managed to enjoy their popcorn and movie!

An obsession for matching

As many of you know- from the day we found out we were having another baby- I wanted it to be a boy. There were many reasons such as, Kaleb would have a brother, we already boy things, etc. However I would have to say that the biggest reason was so I could buy them matching clothes. Pathetic I know. I had previously bought Kaleb and Bryson matching things (ties and church shirts) but Bryson really seemed to hate it and would never wear them! I am now in Heaven dressing my two gorgeous little boys in matching clothes. Enjoy a few pictures :)
This picture is at the very end of the day which explains Kalebs dirty face and I promise Jaxon did have pants on at one point!