Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer has come and gone.....

Well it's August and I can't believe summer is almost over :(. We didn't do too much this summer in terms of vacation. We did, however, stay busy every weekend. We had a lot of barbeques which were a blast. I loved seeing everybody. We also spent a few weekends at the cabin which as always were fun. We actually bought a Pitster Pro Mini Dirt Bike this summer so we were able to take it up there. Bryson has had a ton of fun with it.

Kaleb's personality has grown so much this summer and it's a blast to see. I think I mentioned in the last blog about him walking but he started back at the beginning of May and we have been chasing after him since. Any time my dad talks about him he says Kaleb only has one speed and it's fast. Very true. He has also learned to crawl, climb, and get onto anything he wants too. He loves climbing on our bed and jumping. He has started throwing the "drop to the ground, kick your feet" fits and I really find it quite entertaining. He started talking more and likes to be vocal. On Sunday, Brys and I were watching TV and we turned around and Kaleb had crawled on to the chair then onto the kitchen table and was drinking my Dr. Pepper. It was a fight to get it away from him. Overall parenting my precious baby boy has been the most amazing journey ever. I CAN'T wait to have more cute little babies like him.
I'm going to try and post an updated picture of Roxy. She has gotten huge and I'm actually starting to like her more. She's finally potty trained and watching her and Kaleb run back and forth from the front room to kitchen could make anyone laugh for hours. Kaleb is the happiest when he's playing with his doggy. (It helps when mommy and daddy laugh at him. He's such a performer)
All in all Bryson and I remain very grateful for our family and jobs. We're hoping to have a relaxing weekend soon where we can just spoil the little guy.