Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch Up Post!

It's been forever since I posted but I have finally found the chord thingy for my camera so this will be quite a long post!


Thanksgiving was spent running in between houses again this year. We started out at my mom's at like noon and ate. It was just me and my sisters family. My brother showed up late so we got to see him for a minute. We then headed up to Murray to my inlaws where we were all able to make it :). All the food was good that neither Bryson or I ate a piece of pie all day. Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE Black Friday. Krissi, my mom and I started @ 3:45AM and shopped all day. It was a blast and I got way too much stuff :)


Christmas was SO much fun this year. It started with the annual Snyder Family Christmas Party. It was strange this year becuase it's usually on Christmas Eve but we were unable to get a venue this year so we had it the week before. It was really nice to catch up with family members and Kaleb loved loved loved the Caroling Hay ride. He had a perma-grin the whole time till about the last block when he fell sound asleep on daddy's lap :) Christmas Eve we started out at my moms. Bryson worked for a half day and my day at home getting ready was way too stressful. I had to bake like five dozen rolls so I started way early seeming how I had never baked that lg of a quantity before and had to get Kaleb and I ready. I was about halfway done baking with time to spare when I decided to take the dog out. I put her on her leash and open the door. With all her force she was off. I then spent the next 2 hours trying to catch her in my PJS. It was humiliating. I ended up not having enough time to bake all the rolls so I took the dough to moms to cook and by the time they were finished they were awful :( oh well. What can ya do? After eating and sledding at my moms we headed up to Brysons parents for their family Christmas Party. All of Bryson's cousins come which is fun because it's usually the only time we get to see them :( This year was even better as a special guest named Santa came and delivered presents and read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' Kaleb was like sitting at the very front of everyone when he was reading. It was way cute. We then opened our PJ's Santa had left us and headed home. Christmas Morning I woke up @ 3 and about went crazy until I woke Bryson up at 630. Kaleb loved his presents this year. He got a four wheeler (it only goes 2mph and still scares him a little) a tractor, and much more. He was very spoiled. I can't wait for him to get older and understand Christmas a little more :) We went to both parents on Christmas day which was way fun as always. This year Brys and I promised each other we'd spend most of the day at our own home which we did and it was way nice.

I'll try to update more regularly now as I can finally upload pictures.