Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Houses with Nana

I know three posts in a day is a lot! However, this is the only journal I keep so I'm trying to get better at it. This year we made our first Gingerbread house and Kaleb wanted Nana to come see our tree and help make the Gingerbread house so down she came! Kaleb has now eaten nearly all of the candy off of it!

Saturday Mornings at the Davis'

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE my boys? Well I do. For those of you who know Bryson- you know he is an amazing daddy. His world is surrounded around Kaleb and making sure they have plenty of time to play. Well a few months ago, Brys started a tradition where every Saturday morning, they go to the gas station for breakfast and get doughnuts (I know not the healthiest). It is so cute to see Kaleb get so excited to go. When they get back he runs full speed to find me and show me what kind of doughnut he picked out. So for the picture- just remember it's Saturday morning and Bryson lets him dress himself to go!

Las Vegas

Brys and I were lucky enough to go to the NFR in Vegas this year at the beginning of December. My mom rented a large house right by the outlet malls that we all stayed in. We were gone for 4 days and three nights. We have never spent that much time away from our little guy so it was pretty rough. On the other hand it was weird to Bryson acting the way he was. At home, he is usually in bed by like 9 and usually one of us is playing with Kaleb at all times. Bryson was mine for the whole weekend and was so sweet! He made everything about me and made sure I stayed distracted (from missing my little boy) and had a blast. We went to shows and stayed out till 2am every night. He even made us buy ridiculous flannel shirts (as pictured above) so we could fit in at the rodeo! He is so cute. I love him.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I lost my child in Kohls!

I know the title of this post makes me seem like a horrible mom and you're probably thinking it's just a catchy title but it's not- I really lost my child in Kohls last night.

Just as a little preface- on Saturday I went to Kohls with my mom and as I was looking through the clothes and he kept running from my mom. One time he really got a way and we found him hiding in a dressing room but it was only a few minutes so not too bad. (It was a bad place for him to be hiding because once I found him- We stayed in the dressing room and he got a few spankings!)
So last night- Brys, Kaleb and I had to run to Kohls to get one last present. I had told Brys about Saturday so he would be aware not to let him out of his sight either. Of course as soon as we got there- Kaleb had to go potty. When we were coming out we turned to walk past the childrens clothing on our route to find daddy. Well I happened to drop my coat and let go of Kalebs hand and he was gone. He started running in and out of clothes and he was out of sight. I looked alone for like 5 minutes then had a store associate start looking as well. She then called a "Code Yellow" which means some horrible parent has lost their child and every store associate needs to look for him! I called Bryson as well to come over to where we were and he was instantly panicked. Worst time of my life. The store manager kept telling me to stay in one spot and I wanted to kill her. Seriously- my son is lost and you want me to stand her and do nothing. After 20 of the worst minutes of my life (I seriously thought it had been close to an hour) a store attendant found him lying under a bra rack! I was so relieved. I wanted to scream at him and hug him at the same time
Needless to say, Kaleb is never coming shopping with me again. EVER.