Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter fun!

Kaleb playing with new wagon Nanna Davis got him.

He knows he's not supposed to be on the stairs. That explains the devious smile.

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Carols

We had a GREAT Easter/Anniversary. It was a little busier than we had planned but still good. Bryson was very proud of his gift so he ended up giving me my gift Friday night. It was an awesome camera. Ours was on it's last leg. I caved and gave him one of his gifts which was "Left 4 Dead" or something creepy like that. Then on Saturday, Bryson's little brother came home from his mission on like the 9th so he invited his brothers and friend Brett to have a "guys night" which turned into an all day event. They came down around noon, played some video games then went shooting right by our house. We then had to leave them sitting at our house to go to my mom's Easter party which is always fun. She has a big Easter Egg hunt for the 10 grankids then this year they roasted marshmallows in a fire pit. They all had a blast. The next day, Easter, was also Jordans homecoming and our anniversary. I gave Bryson his new stereo for his car (his was stolen :() then we spent the rest of the day up at Brysons parents. It was a lot of fun. Kaleb got a cool little wagon thing that he loves to walk around with. All in all it was a great day. I'm still waiting on Brys taking me to dinner for our anniversary though. I'm becoming quite impatient! lol

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kaleb at Grandmas

Easter Weekend!

Easter is only 2 days away and I'm more excited this year than usual. Easter will be extra special this year. First of all, it is Kaleb's first year and I got him a cool little wagon that has sandbox toys in it (for when we put our lawn and sandbox in....). It's in my pantry right now and he sometimes gets in there and plays with it and loves it so I know I chose well. Sunday is also my brother-in-laws homecoming as well as Bryson and I's two year anniversary. I'm kind of bummed it's on easter and Jordan's homecoming because we dont' really get to celebrate it but I'm sure we will next week or something.

So Kaleb is so close to walking but does still fall a lot. The other day I was in cleaning up his room cause his new favorite thing is to take everything off the shelfs and take all the diapers (new) out the pale and throw them on the floor. He was standing and holding on to the diaper geanie while I was cleaning his mess up and before I could do anything he fell backwards and hit his head on the door and the diaper geanie came soon after and hit him in his little nose. I felt so bad it was bleeding and looks so horrible. Isn't that so sad?? I feel like the worst mommy ever. I will try and post a picture of it later today.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fun

Wow! I can't believe it's already April. Not too much has changed since my last blog but a few exciting things have occured. I graduated from USU in health education back in December and am so excited I don't have any school left! Yahoo. Also, even more exciting we bought a house in Eagle Mountain and love it. It's perfect and I finally got to paint Kalebs room. It is pretty cute. He also has his very own play room for his excessive amounts of toys.

I am working down in Orem right now about 30 hours a week but count the hours till I get home to my boys.

Bryson has started the electrical apprenticeship and is the most amazing electrician I've ever met. He works for 6 weeks then has school for one week. His first week of school he got a 100% on all his tests. Kaleb and I are very proud of daddy!

Kaleb is now 10 months and probably the cutest boy ever. He has been crawling for 3 months and so close to walking. He is so full of life and brings so much happiness to Bryson and I. He is into everything and loves to pick on kids smaller (and in some cases bigger) than he is but oh well it's kind of cute at his age.

Well that's us for right now! I'll try to post more often.