Monday, August 29, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I cannot believe I forgot to blog about Kalebs swimming lessons. I hate when I have to do like 10 posts in a day but I definately don't want to forget this one as it was the highlight of his entire summer. Kaleb is a fish. He loves the water. He is not afraid of the water in any way. I signed him up with his cousin Madi who is just a year older than him. He was the youngest in the class but did great. He asks atleast once a week if he can go back to swimming lessons. I am going to try and get him signed up for some night swimming lessons in the fall if I can find them anywhere :) He is pretty good for a 3 year old though. By the end, he could float on his back for up to 5 seconds without anyone holding on to him, hold his breath under water for atleast 5 seconds, and dive (with a little push from teacher) to the bottom of a 4 ft pool and find the ring, push himself off from the bottom of the pool and come up with the ring. Yes I am very proud of my baby. here are some pictures. If I can figure out how to add a video onto blogger I'll post the video of him diving for rings. Enjoy :)

**6 months**

Time is going way to fast with this little guy! I cannot believe six months has already flown by. I remember with Kaleb, I kept wanting him to get older so he could do more things. But now that I realize everything will come with time and fly by I want to just freeze time and enjoy both of my boys at the stage they are at now. Jaxon is a very content easy baby. He is very low maintenance which I am very thankful about. He sleeps like 10-12 straight hours a night then wakes up nurses, eats his cereal, plays for about a half hour then he's back to sleep for about another 2 hours. He then wakes up for lunch and another hour or so of playtime then guess what?? More sleep :) after his afternoon nap he's usually awake until bedtime which is around 9ish. We really lucked out with him as he's never really had a "fussy period" He started rolling from his tummy to back around 4 months then his back to his tummy around 5. He rolls and scoots where ever he wants to go. He is always rolling under tables and such! He loves when Kaleb plays with him or anyone talks to him. He started eating solid foods about a week before I went to girls camp (right before he was 6 months) and has loved it. He is a good little eater. Here are his six month stats:

Height: 26.5"=44th percentile

Weight: 16# 14 oz=30th percentile (yes he is huge I have no clue how he is in that low of a percentage :)

Head Circ: 42.5cm=12th percentile (yes, once again, I know his head is HUGE. I have no clue how he is that low in percentage!

Cute little moments that make me smile :)

The other day Bryson and I were driving with the boys and Kaleb was having the most in depth conversation with us. I definately want to remember it (Bryson was ragging me since I don't keep a journal that I was going to forget) so I decided to write it on here!

We drove by the church and Kaleb said, "Mom, is that where Heavenly Father lives or does he live at the temple?" (I have no clue how he knew that he would live at the temple) We explained to him the difference between church and temples and he followed up with, "Mom, I know we play with the toys and color pictures at the church (nursery) but what do we do at the temple. We didn't want to get into deep conversation about ordinances for the dead as that very well may freak him out so we said that's where mommys and daddys get sealed for eternity when they are big kids. He then followed up with "Mommy, when I'm a big kid, can I marry you in the temple for 'ternity cause I love you to infinity and beyond" I sure do love that boy and am so lucky to have him :)