Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We finally made it to the Aquarium!

I've wanted to take Kaleb to the aquarium forever but just never got around to it. The other day my friend posted on her blog a killer deal for an annual pass so of course I just had to buy it for Kaleb and I. Bryson was in school that week so he was done every day by 12ish so we decided to go when he could come as well. Kaleb wanted his cousin Zoe to go as well so we took one more! Kaleb loved it and was running from one thing to another! Jaxon pretty much slept the entire time which was quite nice.

After the aquarium, we headed back to our house for a sleepover. The kids were so tired but still managed to enjoy their popcorn and movie!

An obsession for matching

As many of you know- from the day we found out we were having another baby- I wanted it to be a boy. There were many reasons such as, Kaleb would have a brother, we already boy things, etc. However I would have to say that the biggest reason was so I could buy them matching clothes. Pathetic I know. I had previously bought Kaleb and Bryson matching things (ties and church shirts) but Bryson really seemed to hate it and would never wear them! I am now in Heaven dressing my two gorgeous little boys in matching clothes. Enjoy a few pictures :)
This picture is at the very end of the day which explains Kalebs dirty face and I promise Jaxon did have pants on at one point!