Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our new home!!

Just as a warning, this is pretty much just going to be an overload of pictures. We've been in our house for about three weeks now. I was going to wait until every room was decorated before I posted pictures but I realize I am months out so I thought I'd just post anyways! Just know that the undecorated rooms will eventually be decorated. We are loving our home besides the cleaning. It's just over 4600 finished sq feet with 7 bedrooms, 4 baths, and a four car garage that Bryson loves. It it is right up by the mountain and has a beautiful view. Enjoy the pics. Like I said there is still some decorating to do!

Family Room

Living Room
Jaxon's Room

Jaxon's room

Jaxon's Room
The kids little playhouse

Kaleb's Room (We've still got some decorating to do!)

Kaleb's room

I absolutely love how good his stripes turned out

Toy room (Sorry for the mess, it's rarely clean)
Kid's TV room upstairs


Our room, in which we've literally done nothing with.  Hopefully within a year we'll paint

I LOVE my jetted tub :)

Bryson TV room in the basement.  We're eventually going to make the basement an awesome "fun" room.  Right now it's very plain and boring.

My Home <3

Kaleb's Preschool Graduation

Kaleb's preschool graduation was probably the cutest thing I've ever sen.  At his Christmas Program he was kind of a dud and just sat there doing nothing so I was sort of expecting the same for this.  It was Luau themed so they had some dancing to do.  Before it started my mom told him to shake what his mama gave him.  He corrected her and told him he was going to shake what Mrs. Krissi gave him.  And he sure did.  He was dancing like there was no one else in the room watching him.  I can't believe he is already four! I love that little boy.  I didn't start recording to the very end of the song but he is the one in the very front like four feet in front of everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mr. Jax turns one

A little over a year ago, we happily welcomed our little Jaxon into our family. He was a tiny little boy at 6 pounds 15 ounces. In the past year he has gained over 20 pounds and is a wild little man! He was very slow to crawl compared to Kaleb (Jax didn't crawl till like 9ish months) so we thought he'd be slow with the walking as well but a little before 11 months he decided he was ready to walk and hasn't looked back! He is so much fun. He LOVES to be outside. Anytime the front door is opened he is booking it to the door to try and get out. He loves going to grandma and grandpa Grays because Grandpa (no matter the weather) will take him outside to feed the animals and let him play!
For his first birthday, we decided to keep it small and not do anything too extravagant. On his actual birthday we had my side of the family over for cake and ice cream. Then a few days later we had Bryson's family down for his birthday dinner. Jaxon didn't really get the whole party thing (as expected) but LOVED his cake. I hope you enjoyed the pics. The professional ones were done by my cousin Jami Broadbent with CLICK Photography.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Disneyland or Bust

I'm a very spur of the moment person who hates to wait for things so at the beginning of January I decided I wanted to take the kids to Disneyland on my birthday (January 12th). We talked Bryson's brother and mom in to going and made our reservations. The morning we flew out Jaxon and I weren't feeling to hot. We started out at Hunnington Beach where Kaleb was in Heaven. Bryson had stayed back in the car to let Jaxon sleep and I took Kaleb down to the water. He first started out by holding onto my hand tightly and barely sticking his toes in the water. Within five minutes he was soaking wet from head to toe and going face first into the frigid ocean. By this time I was quite ill and wanted to go lay down. We headed to pick up Bryson's mom at the airport. By the time we got to the hotel I thought I was going to die. I fell asleep till Brys woke me up to go to Disneyland with Kaleb at 5. I somehow made it into disneyland put Kaleb on his first ride then went straight back to the hotel to sleep. When they got home Kaleb woke me up to tell me all about it. He had had a blast. He was obsessed with the Buzz Lightyear ride. We then went to sleep excited for the next day. Bryson's brother was supposed to fly in at 7. Bryson was going to pick him up while I got the kids ready and then we were going to spend the whole day at Disneyland since I had already wasted a day. We got a call right before Bryson left that Jordan had missed his flight and wouldn't be in till 12pm. We decided to head to Disneyland for a few hours then go pick him up and head to the Claim Jumper (Bryson and Sherri had talked it up for weeks). We rode several rides that morning then went to get Jordan and go eat. The restaurant was fantastic and with full bellies (I still wasn't feeling great from having the flu) we headed back to Disneyland and stayed until both of our kids were sound asleep in our arms. I was finally feeling better and was so excited for Saturday since we were all there! Well the next morning we woke up to Bryson throwing up, and about 20 minutes later I heard a "Mom, I am going to throw up" and that my little buddy did. Jordan then came over and said he wasn't feeling the best and that Sherri had also been up sick the whole night. I got everyone down to bed and went and got myself some and Jaxon some breakfast. After a few hours of sleep, Kaleb had fully recovered and Brys said he felt better (I think he was still just as sick but could tell how bummed I would so he toughed it out). We all headed over to Disneyland Adventures and made the most of how we were feeling! Sherri ended up having to go back to the hotel and volunteered to take Jaxon so we got to move a little quicker and get Kaleb on some rides. At one point Bryson and Jordan had gone on a ride and me and Kaleb were able to walk around just us two and buy all kinds of souveniers and treats. It was so fun to watch him get so excited. After some naps we returned to Disneyland and finished the night with more rides and the firework show as well as the water show they do in California Adventures. Besides being sick I think Kaleb still had fun and that's what we went for so I guess we could call it semi-successful. This was our first big family vaca with both boys. Bryson said we probably won't go again anytime soon :)

All of us posing with Mike and Sully!

Kaleb enjoying one of many rides

Uncle Jo Jo and Mr. Incredible comaring muscles

Kaleb was so good at keeping his hands up on all the rides

Yes I know we all look yucky but that's how we were feeling

Bryson and Kaleb at Hunnington Beach Pier watching the surfers

The only person Kaleb wanted a picture with at Disneyland. The Pretty Princess :) go figure

Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas with a three year old!

I remember when I was younger talking to my mom on Christmas asking her if she was sad she didn't get a lot of presents. She replied by telling me that it was much better watching your kids gets presents and seeing us happy. I didn't believe her until I had my own kids especially now that Kaleb is 3! It was so much fun watching Kaleb get excited about Christmas. This was the first year that he understood the whole present thing. Anytime he saw commercials with toys he would run and get me to tell me he wanted the item for Christmas. Being me, he did get most of the stuff :)

This year was pretty much the same routine. We started out Christmas Eve day at my parents then finished at Bryson's parents Christmas Eve dinner. The kids got their jammies and we were finally on our way home to set up Christmas! It was so fun seeing everything laid out. We even had to move furniture so everything would fit :)

Christmas morning was a blast. I woke up at 4 and impatiently waited until my kids woke up around 7. Kaleb made Christmas AMAZING. He had a ton of fun opening presents and Jaxon had a lot of fun eating wrapping paper :) We then went to church and headed in to my moms where the chaos began. Counting nieces and nephews there are 25 of us. He had a ton of fun with his cousings though! Elder Davis wasn't calling until 8pm so we were able to go home and give the boys a nap in between grandmas. We finished off Christmas at Bryson's parents. Kaleb had a blast opening presents and comparing with Zoe! Crazily enough one of the things he was most excited about for Christmas was talking to Uncle Mason! He was SO EXCITED. As soon as he got on the phone he started talking a million miles an hour about Batman and Starwars and so forth. I got on the phone after and Mason said that he hardly understood one word Kaleb said and that he didn't get more than 2 words in the conversation! It was a great way to end Christmas. We are so blessed to be so close to family and have such cute boys to spoil and spend Christmas with!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

24th of July camping trip

Yes I know I am 5 months late but better late than never right? On the 24th of July we went up to Bryson's cabin and stayed for a night then went across the canyon the next night to meet my family and camp for a night. It was Jaxon's first camping trip and he did quite well. I didn't get any pics from the cabin but I did of camping. Enjoy :)

Denver Trip :)

I am way behind on blogging and as posted in several of the other catch up posts- this is my only journal and I don't want to forget this stuff. So back when Bryson was working in Denver I decided to fly out and see him. I was way nervous to leave Jaxon and Kaleb but didn't think I could manage carseats, strollers, luggage, and two little boys in an airport all by myself. It was so nice to see him. I got in on a Friday morning (he had to still work 10 hours on Friday and Saturday) and there was a few outlets right across the street (Marshalls, Old Navy and Nordstroms Rack=jackpot) where I spent several hours and a lot of money :) When Bryson got off we went out to dinner at a local pub he'd been wanting to take me to. On Saturday- I did a lot of nothing and little outlet shopping. Bryson thought it was so weird that I just laid around in the motel most of the day but it was so nice to just relax and do nothing! On Saturday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (or something to that effect) which was a sports bar and a movie. We also walked around the mall and did some sight seeing. On Sunday we went to the BEST breakfast place I have ever ate it. It's called Snooze and it is simply amazing. I had Cookie dough pancakes and Lemon Bar pancakes. It was a little peace of Heaven. We then went and saw downtown, the Temple (it was so nice to see where he had been working) and the Broncos stadium. It was pretty cool because there was a Broncos game so we got to see all the tailgate party's/drunks/etc. It was a great trip and although I was sad to leave- I was SOOO excited to get home to my babies :)
Here are the only pictures I took:

Broncos Stadium

Me and Brys at the Temple

Bryson being a total dork. We were super lost at the time of this picture