Friday, September 9, 2011

3 weeks down=3 weeks to go

We have somehow now made it without Brys for 3 weeks! Well besides a short 48 hour visit last weekend when he got to fly in which was jam packed with adventures! Back in August while I was at girls camp I had called him to check on the boys. I had really crappy reception so I didn't really understand him and thought he had said he had to work on a rewire at the Denver temple for 2 weeks. I was nervous for him to be gone for 2 weeks but thought it was bearable. I got home really late from girls camp and Brys was already asleep. The next morning I was talking to mom and she asked how I was going to survive 6 weeks without Bryson then possible another 4 weeks of him being at the CA temple. Crap. SIX weeks is a lot less bearable than TWO. However we have done quite well. It's a lot easier than I thought it was going to be besides missing him like crazy! It helps that he came home after 2 weeks then next weekend I'm going to take a mini vaca and fly out to see him for the weekend. Then he'll be home a week or two after that. I can't wait to go out there as he has worked quite hard at finding really good shopping outlets and malls for me to spend my days at as he works six tens and can't take any time off. He still hasn't heard anything about going to the Oakland temple after so we're thinking/hoping he doesn't have to go. If he does end up having to go, hopefully he'll atleast get to come home for a few weeks in between!