Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Denver Trip :)

I am way behind on blogging and as posted in several of the other catch up posts- this is my only journal and I don't want to forget this stuff. So back when Bryson was working in Denver I decided to fly out and see him. I was way nervous to leave Jaxon and Kaleb but didn't think I could manage carseats, strollers, luggage, and two little boys in an airport all by myself. It was so nice to see him. I got in on a Friday morning (he had to still work 10 hours on Friday and Saturday) and there was a few outlets right across the street (Marshalls, Old Navy and Nordstroms Rack=jackpot) where I spent several hours and a lot of money :) When Bryson got off we went out to dinner at a local pub he'd been wanting to take me to. On Saturday- I did a lot of nothing and little outlet shopping. Bryson thought it was so weird that I just laid around in the motel most of the day but it was so nice to just relax and do nothing! On Saturday night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (or something to that effect) which was a sports bar and a movie. We also walked around the mall and did some sight seeing. On Sunday we went to the BEST breakfast place I have ever ate it. It's called Snooze and it is simply amazing. I had Cookie dough pancakes and Lemon Bar pancakes. It was a little peace of Heaven. We then went and saw downtown, the Temple (it was so nice to see where he had been working) and the Broncos stadium. It was pretty cool because there was a Broncos game so we got to see all the tailgate party's/drunks/etc. It was a great trip and although I was sad to leave- I was SOOO excited to get home to my babies :)
Here are the only pictures I took:

Broncos Stadium

Me and Brys at the Temple

Bryson being a total dork. We were super lost at the time of this picture

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