Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas with a three year old!

I remember when I was younger talking to my mom on Christmas asking her if she was sad she didn't get a lot of presents. She replied by telling me that it was much better watching your kids gets presents and seeing us happy. I didn't believe her until I had my own kids especially now that Kaleb is 3! It was so much fun watching Kaleb get excited about Christmas. This was the first year that he understood the whole present thing. Anytime he saw commercials with toys he would run and get me to tell me he wanted the item for Christmas. Being me, he did get most of the stuff :)

This year was pretty much the same routine. We started out Christmas Eve day at my parents then finished at Bryson's parents Christmas Eve dinner. The kids got their jammies and we were finally on our way home to set up Christmas! It was so fun seeing everything laid out. We even had to move furniture so everything would fit :)

Christmas morning was a blast. I woke up at 4 and impatiently waited until my kids woke up around 7. Kaleb made Christmas AMAZING. He had a ton of fun opening presents and Jaxon had a lot of fun eating wrapping paper :) We then went to church and headed in to my moms where the chaos began. Counting nieces and nephews there are 25 of us. He had a ton of fun with his cousings though! Elder Davis wasn't calling until 8pm so we were able to go home and give the boys a nap in between grandmas. We finished off Christmas at Bryson's parents. Kaleb had a blast opening presents and comparing with Zoe! Crazily enough one of the things he was most excited about for Christmas was talking to Uncle Mason! He was SO EXCITED. As soon as he got on the phone he started talking a million miles an hour about Batman and Starwars and so forth. I got on the phone after and Mason said that he hardly understood one word Kaleb said and that he didn't get more than 2 words in the conversation! It was a great way to end Christmas. We are so blessed to be so close to family and have such cute boys to spoil and spend Christmas with!

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